3-Days Istanbul Tour without Tourist Guide

Every year many Pakistanis are visiting Turkey specially Istanbul and the only problem they are facing is the language barrier because of this reason they can not even ask from a local person for tourist places. To visit the best place and Commination they have to hire a tourist guide which is very expensive.

If you are planning to visit Istanbul without a tourist guide then this article is surely for you.

If you plan 3-day tour of Istanbul then you can easily visit the main Attractions Of Istanbul by following this schedule. Before we start our 3-day’s plan we will suggest you some tips.

I will recommend you plan your flight in such a way that you will reach the airport in the morning. There are two airports in Istanbul, New Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Hanim Airport.

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Q- Which currency should I take with me?

We will recommend you take US Dollars, Euro or Turkish lira from Pakistan and never travel with Pakistani rupees. One thing more never exchanges currency from the airport either it is a Pakistani airport or Turkish airport. Try to those which are within the City.

Q- Which is the best place for shopping in Istanbul?

You can shop from world largest covered market i.e Grand Bazaar (kaplı Çarşı) or Mısır Bazaar which is located backside of the grand bazaar. If you want to visit the shopping mall then you can visit Mall of Istanbul and Jawahir Mall (Cevahir alışveriş Merkezi).

Q- Is WiFi available on the Istanbul Airport?

Yes, they will allow using WiFi for a limited time which you can activate by using your boarding pass.

Q- How I can get a travelling card (Istanbul Card)?

Istanbul card is a travelling card that you can use in any kind of travelling inside the city. You can get this card from the card recharging machines which are installed on the airport and every metro train and bus stations. You can use this card in Metro train, Tramways, Buses and in fairy. This card is also usable in public toilets.

Q- How I can reach my hotel from the airport safely?

To reach your hotel from the airport you can use Hava Bus. This service has many routes you can check their website or you can ask from the management which are available on the airports of Istanbul.

Q- Where I have to book my hotel?

We will recommend you try to book your hotel near Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı) or Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) these are the best place and are in the centre of old Istanbul from here you can easily go to the best places very easily.

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1st day in Istanbul:

The first day you can start your at 10 O’Clock in the morning firstly visit Hagia Sophia (Ayasofiya) museum which takes almost 2-3 hour then go to Topkapı palace (Topkapı Sarayı) which is a huge castle where you can spend almost 3 hours then you go to Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii). These three places are at the same place you can go by walk from one place to another place.

2nd day in Istanbul:

The second day you can visit Eminönü Sahil, Galata Bridge (Galata köprüsü), Galata Tower (Galata kulesi), Istiklal Street (Istiklal Caddesi), Taksim square (Taksim Meydanı). These all places are on one side you can easily visit these places in one day. If you are thinking about food so don’t worry there are many restaurants almost at every place.

3rd day in Istanbul:

On the third day, you can first visit the tomb of Hazrat Ayub Ansari in the morning where you can spend around 1 hour. Then you can visit Grand Bazaar (kapılı çarşı) this is the world largest covered market. In Grand Bazaar you can spend 3-4 hour. After, visiting this Bazaar you can go for a fairy trip. To get a fairy trip you have to go Eminönü Sahil which is 10 min away if you are using the train (Tramway). You can get a fairy trip from Eminönü Sahil which last 1 to 1.5 hour which is known as (Boğaz Turu) during this trip you can see the old palace, Istanbul bridge which divides Europe and Asia.

Above mentioned place are the best places which highly recommended if you have more than three days then you can visit many other places.

Istanbul is a big city and there are many tourist places if you want to explore complete Istanbul you need more than a month. Here we will mention some other special tourist places that you can visit.

  • Çamlıca Tepesi
  • Çamlıca Camisi
  • Kadıköy
  • Üsküdar
  • Kız kulesi
  • Mall of İstanbul
  • Cevahir Alışverişi Merkezi
  • Rumeli Hisarı
  • Karaköy
  • Eyüp Sultan Camii
  • Süleymaniye Camii
  • Mısır Çarşısı
  • Balat
  • Haliç köprüsü
  • Prince island
  • Moda Sahil
  • Ortaköy Camii
  • Boğaz köprüsü
  • 15 Temmuz köprüsü

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