Governor House Murree | Gold Plated Washroom

Governor House Murree is a government property which is used by government officials and the foreigner guest who visit Pakistan. This rest house was build in 1954 as a normal rest house but later especially in last 10 years it is very sad in a poor country like Pakistan which has a huge burden of loans have such a luxury rest house. In this article we will share camel skin carpets, gold plated combot and many such expensive luxurious things which our politician are used to enjoy with our tax money and claimed they are for our betterment.

According to recent talk of Punjab chief minister’s spokesperson Aziz Akbar, last government has spent around 600 million rupees on its renovation which is actually a huge amount and a moment for shame for every Pakistani. When you will visit this palace, that will be possible as it is going to be public very soon. You will realise that you are in a great place in the incident era.

Let’s start from its entrance when you entered in the property you will see beautiful decoration pieces which are mostly imported from France.

After the entrance corridor, you will enter the main hall which you usually see in the newspaper and electronic media during the official meetings. centred carpet is made up of camel skin which is also imported and its price is around 60 to 70 lac. Property of this carpet is that it gives four shades which make him unique.

Then we come to the dining hall and meeting room which are an icon of this rest house it has a wooden floor which has more than 7 cotes of imported polish which. one thing that they adopt from Saudi families is celling design. This design is not any kind of print or sticker it is drawn with hands and it takes many days to complete.

Then we come to bedrooms which are even more luxurious than the hall comfort every bed have more than 8 pillows. Every room is facilitated with big LCD/LED and attached washroom which has the facility of a mic to call security centre in case of emergency.

On a second floor, there is a master bedroom which was in use of Hamza Shabaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, It has two small tables one for personal writing and the other one is for close discussion as you can see in the following photographs.

Bathroom attaches to the above room is really amazing because it has gold plated tiles around the combot, the tiles on the walls are also imported ones and the price of one tile is around 70 to 80 thousand of size 1×1 feet.

Its pantry area also has great and have almost all the facilities that you can find in any 5 or 7-star hotel.

In the end, we pray that may Allah give enough courage to our government that our they will think about the poor people of our country and then consider this type of luxury lifestyle.

Here are some other random photos of this palace.

You can also watch the video of this fabulous and luxurious palace to feel its highness.

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