How to Become a Best Seller on Amazon | Sunny Ali

How to Become a Best Seller on Amazon | Sunny Ali

Sunny Ali is the pioneer who brought the idea of selling and earning with Amazon, before that many other platforms were working but he started it at a bigger scale named Extreme Commerce

Who Is Sunny Ali ?

Sunny Ali is a Pakistani nationalist belongs to a poor family, living in sultanabad Karachi. He went to Australia where he started different types of business and after a few years he got involved with Amazon, the biggest online market.

What is Extreme Commerce?

Extreme commerce is a plate form established by Sunny Ali. Firstly Sunny focused on Amazon only but later he added many other courses as well so people learn and earn according to their interests.

How to earn online with amazon ?

According to Sunny Ali there are many opportunities for Pakistanis related to Amazon shopping hub like

  • Amazon Private Label
  • Amazon Wholesale 
  • Amazon Dropshipping
  • Kindle
  • Virtual Assistance

They have a series of videos from where you can learn about the Amazon PL, wholesale, dropshipping & kindle. If you want to do hands-on practices you can visit their incubators where a team of professionals is present to guide you. There is another option of boot camp where you enroll yourself and directly interact with Sunny Ali.

How to earn online from Amazon without investment?

If you don’t have any money you can still earn from Amazon by providing virtual assistance services. That skill you can learn from extreme commerce. In this type of service you have to manage your client account.

Can I join Video Boot Camp – VBC without paying any fee?

Yes, You can join VBC free of cost if your monthly income is less than Rs. 80,000/. You need some proof to show your monthly income and then you will get access to VBC. There is a paid option for those who can afford and obviously they will get some extra benefit as it is mentioned in following table.

You can Join their Facebook Group: Click Here

In their VBC more than 150 courses are available like crypto trading, Shopify, WordPress, AdSense, AutoCAD, video editing, languages and many more. Just sign up and start your digital career. 

Extreme commerce is one option from where you can start your journey. There are other options as well like learning from Enablers, YouTube or Google.

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