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“A very important Post for young Engineers who wanted to come for a job In Gulf nowadays, Please read it fully and beware of scams.“

Hello Everyone I’m Sujahir Ul Islam, A Civil Engineer in Oman

Nowadays many of my seniors, juniors and young fellows ask me about different job opportunities here in Gulf and particular Oman. They inquire about the social life here and experiences. I’m just writing this blog to share a harsh reality and truth so you guys can be safe from scams and can consider these things while moving to Gulf now in 2019. This is how I think we can save our young talent from these scams and deceivers.
Well, in my opinion, anyone who wants to move for a job in the gulf, he should keep these points in his mind. This is the current picture of Gulf and the life in Gulfs, so make sure you are ready to face it:

1. Getting a good job in the Gulf in your initial years of career is not easy. In case you get some, it will be in some small local company which may lead to serious consequences or low wages or strict terms and conditions.

2. Your passport will remain in the locks of your company or Arbis, you cannot move freely anywhere you want unless they allow you.

3. If you get a job offer letter from local company please avoid these types of jobs and scams these are traps. People here especially (Pakistani Contractors) hires engineers at low salary only for the sake of the degree and they will get few visas on your degree and will sale them at a handsome amount and then you will be kicked at some far place or at local maintenance work where you will work as a foreman at some sites or as a clerk in office of some small company.

4. If you get a job offer please try to approach your seniors and people living in the same gulf country and ask them if it is a genuine company or a room company. So you can save yourself from such bad jobs.

5. Here in Gulf countries biggest issue you will face is that BSc Engineer and Diploma holder or Btech holder is also Muhandis or Engineer and if will get 90k or 80k per month it’s cheery on cake for Diploma holders and they have a lot of jealousy for Young Bsc Engineers and always tried to do bad politics against them.

6. Currently, salaries here in Gulf countries are highly uncertain especially if you are working with some small company. It is a general practice to give salaries after 2-3 months and then again you have to wait for another 2-3 months to get salary. Although in gulf, multinational companies have good record for paying salary on time but there you will get job after 5-6 years’ experience or you should have British, US , Canadain or Australian passport; people here aretreated according to their nationality.

7. Currently, a huge count of people is leaving there countries due to Locals Jobs law; according to this law ‘All Companies should give jobs to local Omanis and Arabs so their local youth can get more jobs’; they are now promoting local graduates. In past, such things were not in practice, but now from past three years this law is practiced and they have to fill a special quota for Arabs and locals due to which many Pakistanis lost their jobs from the top managerial positions because they are now meant to be for locals.

8. In local companies job timings are not defined and they offer no perks for extra hours. You social life will reduce to zero and you may become a depression patient if you choose a wrong company and it will drag you back at your initial career level. Labor laws exist here but unfortunately they favor local Arabs and you will be treated as a third class or fourth class citizen. Temperature is so much high here, if you love nature or natural beauty its not a good place for you.

9. You cannot do any side work or freelancing since you have no rights to work in any other company or station. If you want to leave a job, the company should give you a NOC Letter and if they do not issue you that letter you can not come in Oman for 2 years for work.

10. The very bitter reality here is Indian and Bengali nationals are at top positions in huge numbers especially south Indians. They have very good unity and monopoly against Pakistanis. They will never promote you and make your work at low salary packages which are obviously not good if you are an engineer.

11. If you have offered a good job from a well reputed multinational company then you should come here and in your initially months try to get a driving license. It is as important as a passport in other foreign countries.

12. If your company do not offer your food and accommodation negotiate with them for these benefits. Your food expenses will be low as compared to house rents which are very expensive here.

13. In small companies, if the owner is Pakistani, Indian or Bengali, please do not work with them, they will treat you like labour or foreman and if he is local Thekyydar he will never give respect to engineer and he just think the engineer is also labour or foreman.

14. Local laws are more in favour of companies and always ask your company on which visa they are inviting you. Mostly companies invite you on labour visa and your salary in documents will be very low so always ask this thing and try to get valid stamped job offer letter with complete salary and benefits.

15. If you have a good job in a good company your life will be stable and you can earn good money but your family life and children’s education and medical expenses will be very high. Since Education and Medical is very much expensive here so you might have to send your children back to Pakistan for their studies. A good education is so much 
expensive, you cannot afford it.

16. In gulf either you spend your whole life or 20-30 years, the biggest bitter truth is you will always be a Kharji and you cannot get Permanent Residency and nationality here, one day or maybe at last age of your life, you will have to go back to your country. So spend a few years here at a good job and apply for PR or immigration in Australia or Canada to secure your future life and your family life or start your own work in Pakistan

17. Good and bad people are in all countries. Few Omani Arab are good people they are not racist as in other Gulf countries so you will not face a racism here very much but it exists here People give respects in many ways but avoid Pakistani people, its a harsh reality that as a nation we have no emotions and moral values, we do politics against our own people and do not support them, we lack basic moral values and that’s why Arabs calls Pakistani people Liars and deceivers. So be a good and proud Pakistani. Surround yourself with good and positive Pakistani community so you can save yourself but do not trust anyone as it may lead you to serious damage.

18. Ask your employers in Pakistan to define your job timings and job responsibilities and terms and conditions that if the company gets closed and blacklisted then how will they compensate you. Labour life is so much miserable they faced a lot of problems here and spent a humiliated life no UNO, ILO exist here and work for labours if exist not strong policies are here

19. If you face any problem at the job immediately contact the Ministry of Manpower or Labor court first or Pakistani embassy to save your end or come for your help.

20. Please with experience do not come in local companies one day it will leads you towards a hate for your engineering profession so in Pakistan learn many things as you can spend time with your good mentors and then choose a foreign country very wisely in gulf now projects are at slow pace especially in construction industry so do not see great dreams here for your good future. Although you will get a low salary in Pakistan at the initial stages of career learning should be your priority, not money. Money can be earned as much as you can if you know things and have good professional skills and experiences.

21. In past local job market was huge people found jobs offer within days or weeks and local industry has human shortage but now work is less and local population is high in number so job offers are declined to 50-65% as from past.

22. Last point I must share with you guys please do respect your family members who are doing normal or labour jobs ingulf they really earn money with sacrificing their blood and happiness spend their money with care and respect them they are legends and I have seen them working at 55-57 Degree as they whole body is sweating just for their Families.
At the end if you guys feel any issue or problem or have any query regarding Gulf life or regarding your career guidance please feel free to contact me at I’m always available for my engineer brother and engineering Community

InshaAllah very soon Pakistani Engineers will do wonders in the whole world and will lead Pakistan to new horizons of success.
Well, Start your own startups and provide good services with new innovative and creative ideas even in Europe Pakistan they are promoting entrepreneurship and they are funding many startups so use your skills and think different and make a change leave your mark in the world ​Pakistani youth is its best blessing so prove yourself where ever you are a hard time will come on you but the thing defines you how quickly and with how much energy you get up after a failure or after a slap try again and set a goals and get a success dreams without goals are just dreams so set your goals and target. Achieve them

Good Luck !

Best Regards
Engr.Sujahir Ul Islam

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