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Top 5 Beautiful Married Couples In Showbiz – 2020

Today guys we are going to mention some most famous and dashing celebrities of Pakistani showbiz who got married and become a lovely couple of audience. These celebrities got married in recent months and praised by all viewers. In Islam marriage is a contract, in fact, a legal contract between two people that is man or woman.

Both are free to take decision according to their will. So come to the point, here we are going to tell you people about the most charming and lovely couples of Pakistan drama industry and film industry too. Without wasting our time let’s get started.

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1 – Ahad Raza Mir with Sajal Aly:

Ahad Raza Mir got married to Sajal Aly in 2020 March 14. They both are the famous personalities of Pakistani showbiz and are seen in most of the dramas together.

This couple did work together in “Yakeen ka Sahar” this drama was outstanding and romantic too. “Angan”, “Yeh Dil Mera”.

2 – Iqra Aziz with Yasir Hussain:

Yasir Hussain is an actor and a host too. Actually he is famous for his hosting in talk shows and acting in the drama industry. And Iqra Aziz is a popular and beautiful actress. She got fame in a very short span.

Yasir Hussain propose Iqra in the Lux Style Awards. They both get married on 28 December 2019. They are working together in drama serial “Jhooti” on ARY Digital.

3 – Hamza Ali Abbasi with Naimal Khawar:

Hamza Ali Abbasi got married to Naimal Khawar on 25th August 2019. They both are the cutest and gorgeous couple of the Pakistani showbiz. They didn’t work together in any of the drama serials.

Naimal Khawar left showbiz just for Hamza Ali Abbasi and naimal first and last drama was “Anaa”. And Hamza Ali Abbasi also left showbiz after the drama serial “Alif”.

4 – Sanam Chaudhry with Somee Chohan:

Sanam Chaudhry got married to a US-Based singer Somee Chohan on 27 November 2019. And she is one of the cutest and famous actresses who gets popularity in a short time.

Now she left showbiz after getting married to the singer Somee Chohan.

5 – Mira Sethi with Bilal Siddiqui:

Mira Sethi married to Bilal Siddiqui on 14 November 2019. They both married in California. And Mira Sethi suddenly revealed that she has tied the knot with her beau.

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Note: We have ranked them according to our best knowledge and information. All photos are taken from www.Google.com if anyone owns any photo kindly inbox for photo credit.

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