Top 5 Best Colleges for Girls in Pakistan

College is a club or institution where a pupil takes his step as in social life. First a choice of the best school where you get a chunky knowledge and then college. In college students get involved socially and prepare themselves for practical life. And learn how to talk and behave with others and met with new personalities. In short, self-improvement is also done at this stage.

College is one of the best institutes for talented young students. Where they learn how to live in this world. It’s the place where we’ve found ourselves. Choice of best college is based on the marks students attained. If a student wants to get admission in a qualified and best college they have to work hard first for their schooling level education. The most huge and great effect of college is finding out by your grooming level and your personality. That how you behave socially and in practical life.

Mostly these colleges are located in Lahore. As Lahore is also called as “City of Colleges”. This is those colleges where students come from every part of our country. And from other countries also students come here to get an education. So keeping these points in view, here we have listed out some top-ranked colleges for girls.

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1 – Lahore College for Women University:

The Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is a public university in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was inveterate in May 1922 as women’s college. It’s a semi-government college. Students of intermediate and graduation learn here and are only for girls. It is one of the oldest female institutions of Pakistan. Quality of education is too good here. And admission depends on the merit. They have very high merits. And these merits are automatically set by the students. As the students of good merit apply.

Uniform for intermediate is white shalwar kameez. And for university students, the coloured dress is allowed. Their quality and level increase up accordingly. Very safe and peaceful environment with a focus on empowering women in all the fields. They are paying extra attention towards a revival of women sports and recently a women cricket academy under Sports Board Punjab has been launched here. Their students are known as Lucite. Events, parties and seminars also arrange here. Overall, great university for female education. Also, it’s a good university for women. It is a blessing for whom their parents don’t allow for co-education and co-workers.

The daycare facility is available for faculty and other staff. This college has very huge buildings and playground for sports students. There are too many grounds, garden for students so they studied there peacefully. Have very well-decorated departments and libraries with the availability of all the books. There are cafeterias, food hub and a mosque is also available for students. Their labs are fully rich by equipment and chemicals also provide there. It’s the best college for girls. The Motto of Lahore College for Women University is “Discipline Ensures Success”.


2 – Kinnaird College for Women University:

KC is a well-known college for higher education. It is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan It was entrenched in by the Zenana Bible and Medical Mission. It is also a very widely-known and a superb college for girls. Here students of inter and graduation both wear coloured dresses. Students of Kinnaird are also known as Kcites. Their quality of education is too good. Security is their first priority. Their labs, grounds cafeteria are well designed, neat & clean. Labs are fully availed with the material required for students. A beautiful combination of old and new architecture in buildings. Well maintained and clean.

One of the best women universities, providing quality education to the students. Besides focusing on curricular activities, they pay extra attention towards co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that’s why this university always excel in all the three fields at provincial, national and even international level. The events cover here that probably build confidence in students to some extent. They also gave admission on the basis of merit. The Motto of Kinnaird College for Women is “Light to guide us, the courage to support us and love to unite us”.


3 – Punjab Group of Colleges:

PGC is also a well-known education centre. It is a college for both girls and boys. It was first founded in Lahore in 1985. This college is now spread approximately all over Pakistan. This college has campuses in different cities. Their level is also too high. They gave admission on the basis of merit. Their classrooms are neat and clean and air-conditioned. Also, have wide play areas for sports students.

College gave education to both but the girls and boys get their education in separate campuses. Their main head office is in Lahore. The Motto of Punjab Group of Colleges is ” We Believe You can”.


4 – Queen Mary College, Lahore:

Queen Mary College is an academic institution which controls its own affairs. This college is for girls in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. This college was established on 10 December 1908. And named after by a queen name in 1911. No doubt the college is providing a good quality of education and this is a historical place as well. For a very long time, Queen Mary College has been educating young students to become responsible citizens of their country and society.

This College offers bright career and prosperous and successful life to its young queens. They encouraged their students to develop their potential and polish their talents. It filled in them a positive attitude towards life. They ensure the students to the fulfilment of their dreams. Which is being-enthusiastically followed by its students. The Queen Marians are making remarkable contribution in all fields of life.

That is education, sports, athletics, medicine, banking, politics etc. Even as housewives they bring such great and special techniques and art of homemaking. Within a short span of time, Queen Mary College acquired a reputation for excellence. And they provide a quality of education to their pupils. The Motto of the Queen Mary College is “Service with Simplicity”.


5 – KIPS College:

KIPS College is one of the best places for the student who wants to get positions or good marks at least. They educate both girls and boys. And have separate campuses. They have a very hardworking faculty. The methodology is optimal. A fine selection of events. Parents to teacher coordination play a vital role. Parents can get updated status of their girls periodically. Trained teachers give complete guidelines to achieve high scores in board exams.

Their study not only guided about academics also make groomed by counselling department to their students. They have excellence in coaching and have a well-qualified staff. The institution providing quality education at the secondary and higher secondary level. The classes are fully air-conditioned. Science labs are properly maintained. Also, the computer labs are fully maintained. Education-wise it’s the best place. The Motto of KIPS College is “Development of Nation through Quality Education”.


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