Top 5 Best Colleges in Lahore

Top 5 Best Colleges in Lahore

After school the college is only institution where a sophomore takes his step as in social life. First a choice of the best school where you get a chunky knowledge and then college. In college students get involved socially and prepare themselves for practical life. And learn how to talk and behave with others and met with new personalities. In short, self-improvement is also done at this stage.

College is one of the best institutes for talented young students. Where they learn how to live in this world. It’s the place where we’ve found ourselves. Choice of best college is based on the marks students attained. If a student wants to get admission in a qualified and best college they have to work hard first for their schooling level education.

The most huge and great effect of college is finding out by your grooming level and your personality. That how you behave socially and in practical life. Also your education is showed by your intelligence that how you manage the tough situation.

Mostly these colleges are located in Lahore. As Lahore is also called as “City of Colleges”. This is those colleges where students come from every part of our country. And not only boys’ girls also arrive Lahore for getting quality education. And from other countries also students come here to get an education. So keeping these points in view, here we have listed out some top-ranked colleges for boys.

1- Government College University

GCU is a public university in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in first January in 1864. This is finest college in the country. It is one of the oldest institute in the city with a good track record of quality education. Heaven on earth. Best place in Lahore. This is a prestigious college of Sub Continent. This college is best Department in History of subcontinent.

The students of GCU are also known as Ravian. And they gave admission on the basis of merit. Intermediate is only for boys here and for graduation there is coeducation system. This Institution is one of the oldest place of learning in the Muslim world. This institution is the epitome of pride and success. They prepare and polish the pupils and made them famous writers, novelists, actors, athletes, politicians, singers and noble laureates.

This institution needs no introduction. At GC University, students hailing from divergent ethnic and cultural backgrounds have always studied together in the most congenial atmosphere. In order to be groomed as the finest individuals known for their spirit, tolerance and an enviable sense of sacrifice. It is a center of academic excellence and intellectual development in the country.

The academic programs at the University focus at imparting interdisciplinary knowledge, a broader vision and a critical awareness of current issues. It’s a great place to study and to affiliate oneself with the long lasting traditions of academic excellence and extra-curricular activities and be a part of the family of legends and leaders.

This is an old architecture building, here come very good and brilliant students for education at the intermediate level before becoming to university. After matriculation there is a very sharp and tremendous competition among the students. Brilliant Students from all over the Pakistan came here. They also facilities boarding. Their historical Motto was “Educating People for tomorrow”. And now their Motto is “Courage to Know”.

Government College University

2- Aitchison College

Aitchison College is a very top class boy’s school. This school is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. This school was establish in 3 November 1886. It’s a semi-private school for boys and boarding from grade 1 to 13. Without a doubt it is one of the top institutions in the world.

The students of Aitchison College are also known as Aitchisonians. As tools for character development they has a tradition of providing an education that uses sports, academics and co-curricular activities. The school follows a curriculum designed to culminate in the International General Certificate of Education and AS Level/A Level qualifications and is geared towards preparing students for university education. Aitchison College is an iconic old building.

It was designed and built by Sir Ganga Ram. While keeping in mind past glory about Aitchison, students are encouraged to strive and shape a better future for themselves and their fellowman. Although it’s very expensive but a good option for grooming your child personality with good career. Their Motto is “Perseverance Commands Success”.

Aitchison College

3- Punjab Group of Colleges

PGC is also a well-known education institution. It was first founded in Lahore in 1985. Now, this college has branches approximately all over the Pakistan. This college has campuses in different cities. PGC is a private college. Their fees structure is normally based on merit of students.

They have a good security control. Their students are also known as Punjabians. It’s a good college according to studies. They have highly qualified staff. Gave admission on the basis of merit and scholarships to those students who are eligible for the scholarships. And has large grounds for playing outdoor games.

They educate girls and boys in separate campuses. You can get every study relevant material here. Over all it is a best college as compared to others. The Motto of Punjab Group of Colleges is “We Believe You can”.

Punjab Group of Colleges

4- KIPS College

KIPS College is a private educational institution. It was founded in 1992 by Mr. Abid Wazir Khan. KIPS College is one of the best places for the student who wants to get positions or good marks at least. They educate both girls and boys. And have separate campuses. They have a very hardworking faculty. The methodology is optimal.

A fine selection of events. Parents to teacher coordination play a vital role. Parents can get updated status of their girls periodically. Trained teachers give complete guidelines to achieve high scores in board exams. Their study not only guided about academics also make groomed by counselling department to their students. They have excellence in coaching and have a well-qualified staff. The institution providing quality education at the secondary and higher secondary level.

The classes are fully air-conditioned. Science labs are properly maintained. Also, the computer labs are fully maintained. KIPS College is providing excellent education at matriculation and intermediate level. A perfect place for career building of your children. Education-wise it’s the best place. The Motto of KIPS College is “Development of Nation through Quality Education”.

KIPS College

5- Forman Christian College

FC College is an independent research Liberal Arts University located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was establish in 1864. It has become one of the leading University in Lahore as they offer the best faculty, state-of-the art and fully equipped laboratories. It’s a very nice university providing the abroad standard education. They provides comfort ability to its students.

It is also beautifully designed. It is also a very famous college because of its high level and quality of education.  In fact, world-class. Here student’s come to study from every part of the country and world. It is one of those schools from where our great personalities studied here. The Motto of Forman Christian College is “By love, serve one another”.

Forman Christian College
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