Top 5 Best Ethical Hackers of Pakistan

Top 5 Best Ethical Hackers of Pakistan

Pakistan has a lot of talent so this one is also a field in which Pakistan is not backward from anybody else. Pakistan has famous and the world’s best Ethical Hackers. Certified Ethical Hackers are those hackers which are officials and certified by EC-Council.

So to become an ethical hacker first to get a certificate candidate gives an examination after attending training at Accredited Training Center. Or if any candidate is self-taught then they have to give details about their experiences and proofs. So, through this process, hackers become ethical hackers which are considered the legal profession.

Now In your mind, this question will strike why we need an ethical hacker, as the hacker is a hacker whether it is ethical or not. Here is the answer to your a lot of questions, an ethical hacker is someone who is hired by organizations to find and fix the vulnerabilities in computer and networking systems.

Malicious attacks from any other unauthorized party can be prevented by the services of expert ethical hackers. The key concept of ethical hacking involves staying legal, respecting data sensitivity, defining the scope, and reporting vulnerabilities.

Ethical hackers also use the same strategies as illegal hackers use to get access to secret and important sites and systems. Authorized sources are involved to gain access to unauthorized systems and data and this process helps to identify the security vulnerabilities.

That’s why there is a lot of hacker job worldwide. Here we are going to mention the top-class and famous ethical hackers of Pakistan who are getting a handsome salaries.

There are certain Types of Ethical Hackers these are as follows:

  • White Hat Hackers
  • Black Hat Hackers
  • Grey Hat Hackers
  • Red Hats
  • Blue Hats
  • Elite Hackers
  • Script Kiddies
  • Neophytes
  • Hacktivists

So let’s talk about the professional hackers of Pakistan.

1- Rafay Baloch:

The Rafay Baloch is a Pakistani famous ethical hacker. He was born in 1993 on the 5th of February. He is proud of Pakistan and known for his work. He was recognized for identifying the vulnerabilities in Android OS. Rafay was awarded for “Pride of Pakistan” award in the field of cyber security.

He wrote many books on hacking while doing his studies in BS Computer Science and after too. Also, he won the prize from google and Microsoft for finding the bugs in their system. He is known for his work nationally and internationally. And appreciated by both the media and publications. He is a security researcher too.

Rafay is currently serving the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as Cyber Security Advisor. He was also appreciated by Google, PayPal, Microsoft, FB, and other organizations for his services in security research.

Rafay Baloch

2- Shahmeer Amir:

Shahmeer Amir is a famous bug hunter who is known for his accomplishment worldwide and is ranked as the third bug hunter. He was born in 2001 and is now 21 years old. He serves more than 400 organizations.

He does help to find out bugs for FB, Microsoft, and Twitter. He also solves a lot of security issues. He is the one who earned a lot of respect and appreciation at this young age.

Shahmeer Amir

3- Chaudhry Mansab Ali:

Chaudhry Mansab Ali is a famous ethical hacker who lives in Islamabad. He is best known for his education-based knowledge regarding hacking and remarkable presentation on “Cyber and Web Security”. Also, he is a public speaker and he built five security institutes.

Chaudhry Mansab Ali

4- Ahsan Tahir:

He is the one and only one who started hacking at the age of 12. He is a self-taught hacker who at a very young age managed the biggest companies’ security and bug issues within a year. And this is not a small thing guys. He is the pride of Pakistan. He worked for Google and Microsoft to help them to find out bugs. He is now 18 years and working with big firms.

Ahsan Tahir

5- Ammar Jafri:

Ammar Jafri who was a former Director of FIA and founder of DP (Digital Pakistan) at IUB. He is also an internationally renowned hacker. Ammar Jafri is 52 years old with experience of more than 40 years o experience. He started his career in hacking at a very young age. He was also awarded the highest industry honor.

Ammar Jafri
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