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Top 5 Best Government Hospitals in Lahore

Hospital is a health care institution where the patient’s treatment is done with great care. If someone had to find a hospital they want that they go to such hospital which provides them with all the facilities and proper and well treatment. Most of the people are not capable to bear the expense of the highly paid hospital.

Government hospitals are also very helpful support for us all. As there is nobody has to pay high charges. So here we are going to shortlist the best government hospitals in Lahore. These hospitals are providing the best facilities and are availed with modern machinery. The top-ranked hospitals of Lahore are mention below.

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1 – Services Hospital:

Services Hospital is located on Jail Road Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. And it is opposite to the Race Course Park and teaching hospital of Services Institute of Medical Sciences. There are many other large and most of the Government Hospitals in Lahore. But, Services Hospital Lahore is one of the best especially for its Cardiology Department of Heart.

The Doctors and Staff Nurses are friendly behaviours with patients. This hospital has extremely co-operative doctors, well-organized structure, kind-hearted doctors and much better than other government hospitals or even private hospitals. This hospital is highly recommended.

The doctors have no greed for money here because the treatment and operations are absolutely free. Their absolute goal is to let you live, unlike private hospitals where they don’t care if you live or die.

2 – Jinnah Hospital:

Jinnah Hospital is located in Lahore Usmani Road, Quaid-i-Azam Campus. It was established in 1996. Jinnah Hospital is one of the best government hospitals. It’s very popular and a huge hospital in Lahore. Nearly all the latest machinery and technology is available here. This hospital is operated by Government of Punjab.

Thousands of patients visit every day not only from Lahore but also from all over the Punjab province. Many laboratories are also located around surrounding of Jinnah hospital. For serious emergencies, it is a great hospital as they have specialist junior and senior doctors available all the time, especially for surgeries.

3 – General Hospital:

General Hospital is situated on Ferozpur Road، near Chungi، Amar Sidhu Lahore. This hospital providing tertiary level care of health services to the community. And they have developed the strong coordination with the allied departments. Emergency staff is highly professional with an excellent attitude of conducting with patients.

Doctors listen carefully and understand their issues. As it is also the busiest hospital of Lahore. It’s a very good government hospital. Which is improving its quality of services day by day. Neurology is the main speciality which is serving almost whole Punjab. It’s the only institution of Neurology sciences.

Emergency services regarding all specialities are good. Gastrologer ward is also very strong with leading consultants. Urology ward and gynaecology ward are very much like some private hospital.

4 – Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Hospital:

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Hospital is a government hospital. And it is located in the Kucha Meher Ghous Walled City of Lahore. The building is well maintained. It’s air-conditioned and clean. This hospital is providing basic medical facility in the busiest part of the city. The hospital staff is so good and specialist doctors are well qualified and all services are totally free and this hospital is appreciated for all things.

One thing is to be noted that this hospital is made by the Public Tax Money and named after a disqualified National Dacoit. Name of the hospital must be changed as it is a government hospital, not any politician’s property.

5 – Teaching Hospital Shahdara:

Teaching Hospital Shahdara is a government hospital. This hospital is located on GT Road Shahdara Town,This hospital is above than average and very well equipped, neat and clean hospital.

This hospital has the ability to handle critical cases and supervised by professional doctors. And good for those who can’t go Lahore in an emergency because of traffic problems.

Most of the wards are very good and equipped with the latest machinery. Doctors and paramedics staff are well trained and very co-operative. New building for nurses & paramedics has ready to operational.

Note: The above ranking is based on available facilities at the time of research it may be possible it will change with time.

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