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Top 5 Best Places in Istanbul |Attractions of Istanbul

Istanbul is the most beautiful city of turkey every year millions of people visiting this city because of its great location. Istanbul is the only city in the world which divides Europe and Asia this thing make it distinguish with other tourist places. The other thing that Makes it prominent is the weather of the city.

Geographically Istanbul is surrounded by the sea from three sides which makes it more beautiful Besides this geographical location, it has importance because of this historical and ancient building which attract tourist. This city provides you with a chance to see Europe while you are sitting in an Asian side and between astonishing sea view add more attraction.

If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital.


Istanbul is a big city and it has many places for the tourist but in this article, we will write down the only top 5 places which have great importance regarding the history and attraction these places come under old Istanbul.

1 – Sultan Ahmet Camii or Blue Mosque:

Sultan Ahmet Camii which is known as a Blue Mosque is number one in our list if you ever visit turkey especially Istanbul you have to visit this place this is one of the beautiful mosques of the Istanbul. This mosque was constructed more than 400 years ago it has 6 minarets and located in the centre of the city.

Blue Mosque

2 – Ayasofiya or Hagia Sophia:

Ayasofiya or Hagia Sophia is the only place in the world that show Muslims and Christan icons simultaneously. Hagia Sophia nowadays is a museum which was built around 1700 years ago at that time it was a church but later it was converted into a mosque and after 200 years it was converted back into Church this thing continues up to 3,4 times and finally in a few years ago it is announced as a museum.

The ticket price for this place is 40 Turkish lira for tourist and for students, it is free on museum card. People mostly take 1.5 or 2 hours to visit this place completely.

Hagia Sophia

3 – Topkapı Sarayı/ Topkapı palace:

Topkapı Sarayı which is also known as the Topkapı palace. It is also a good Attraction for tourist this was the place where sultan of the incident Istanbul was living here. It is located in a very beautiful location you can see a beautiful sea view from its room.

To visit this place completely you need approximately 3 to 4 hours as it is divided into two main parts that’s why you need two tickets to visit the full palace and the ticket for this palace is 40 + 50 Turkish lira for tourist while if you have a museum card it is free for you.

Topkapi Palace

4 – Galata kulesi or Gatata tower:

Galata kulesi or Gatata tower is the icon of Istanbul it was built for monitoring purpose around 650 years ago but nowadays it is open for tourist.there are two ways to reach upside of the tower the first one is a staircase and the second one is lift, Mostly people preferred to use lift. At the top floor, there is a restaurant where you can eat.

Ticket price for this tower is 20 Turkish lira for tourist and for students, it is 5 Turkish lira and approximately 30 minutes people are spending here. You can easily see old Istanbul because of its height which is 67m or 220 feet.

Galata Tower

5 – Kiz kulesi

Kiz kulesi means Girl Tower (Kiz-Girl and Kulesi-Tower) this is a beautiful tower in the centre of the sea if you want to go there you need a boat. there is a restaurant under the tower where you can order Turkish tea and Turkish delight.

There is a famous story about this tower that it was predicted that a king’s daughter will die with snakebite so his father monogram this tower to save his daughter’s life but this did not prove helpful because after all this measure she was dead by snakebite.

Kis Kulesi

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