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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Qatar

Qatar is a place of beauty and wealth and full of cultural values. It is the best place for tourists. This place has such wonderful and charming attractions. So nobody should leave this chance who go to Qatar.

Mostly people want to visit attractive places in time duration of their days. Here we have mentioned the most beautiful and eye-capturing places and attractions of Qatar.

1 – Al Shouyoukh Masjid:

The Al Shouyoukh Mosque is a very beautiful, calm and peaceful Masjid. It is located in Al Muhandiseen St, Doha, Qatar. This masjid made by the expert architectures and designed very well. It simply personifies the Islamic design in its architecture & structure. As this Masjid is located at an ionic place that’s why more attraction it gets.

This Masjid can accommodate 3000 worshipers. This Masjid is traditional Islamic architectural element and with its distinguishing domed roof, it is a stunning example of architectural magnificence and landmark construction in Doha.

2 – Al Zubara Fort:

Al Zubara Fort and it is also known as Fort Zubara, Zubara Fort, Al Zubarah Fort, or Az Zubara Fort, is a historic Qatari military fortress. This fort is a very beautiful piece of art. This fort is small but very attractive and peaceful. It is, in reality, a very nice place for getting the silence.

The culture and history of Qatar are shown through it. Go to this type of place if you want to have a very long drive. It is best to visit this place in the winter season.

3 – Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings:

Al Jassasiya Rock Cravings is a fascinating site with mysterious rock carvings and modern mud ruins. Plenty to explore and ponder over. Worth the drive from Doha if you are spending some time in Qatar probably not if you are only on a stopover.

It’s would be nice to see some visitor center or bathrooms, because the site is worthy of it. There is a rich collection of petroglyphs and it is about 900. The 250 years carvings are now open to visitors from the government. It contributes much to the tourism of Qatar.

4 – Barzan Towers:

The Barzan Towers is also known as the Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers. It’s a traditional and wonderful place for Qatar. These beautiful towers dominate the desert skyline. For more than a century, they’ve provided a vantage point for both scannings the horizon for enemies and tracking the movements of the celestial world. Quite interesting to see the old watchtowers.

You are able to climb the stairs inside up to the roof area for a good view. The Barzan Towers is a historical place with fascinating unique Arabian architecture. And it’s an archaeological castle. It’s a really wonderful place to visit. Excellent Unique structure.

5 – Museum of Islamic Art:

Museum of Islamic Art is the museum built on an island off an artificial projecting peninsula near the traditional dhow harbour. Museum of Islamic Art is an iconic landmark of Qatar. Construction of the museum is awesome.

Museum Park near to the museum is very big and suitable for families on weekends. Very clean and hygienic. Beautiful Museum. The artefacts are incredible with some being over 1000years old. The architecture of the place is also breathtaking. Definitely worth the time if you visit Doha.

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