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Top 5 Best Private Hospitals in Lahore

Hospital is a health care institution where the patient’s treatment is done with great care. If someone had to find a hospital they want that they go to such hospital which provides them with all the facilities and proper and well treatment.

People who have extremely serious issues to their loved ones and their ill relatives they want for them a hospital which provide them with all the facilities within no time. And the priority of the hospital should be only their patient. That’s why private hospitals are also very helpful support for us all. Where you can pay bills according to the rules of hospital and get a very well and reliable treatment from this type of private hospitals for their patients.

Here we are going to shortlist the best private hospitals in Lahore. These hospitals are providing the best facilities and are availed with modern machinery. The top-ranked hospitals of Lahore are mention below.

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1 – Fatima Memorial Hospital:

Fatima Memorial Hospital is a private hospital and located on Shadman Rd, Ichhra, and Lahore. This hospital is one of the cleanest but most expensive hospitals of Lahore, which provides great care and services to its patients, especially the private ones, who are highly charged by the management.

Basically it is run by a trust with a name Fatima Memorial Trust. A full fledge medical and dental college is also associated with it. They provide general and semi-private and private medical cares with different categories and charges. It has numerous known labs along with medical pharmacies and Shadman commercial market at a walking distance where you can buy food of any type at almost any time of an hour.

Hospital staff is very co-operative and doctors are well trained and experts. Although they have very modern machinery and facilities for the patients they are very expensive.

2 – Hameed Latif Hospital:

Hameed Latif Hospital is also a private or general hospital. It is located in 14، New، Abu Bakar Block Garden Town, Lahore. It’s the best hospital in Lahore, and the best facilities are available here. Doctors are very kind-hearted. The nursing staff is highly professional, diligent and extremely prompt with surveillance of the patient. And the doctors also are kind-hearted and very hard-working.

They genuinely rely on care about the well-being of the patient. No doubt it is considered as Hameed Latif Hospital’s top priority is patient safety and satisfaction.

3 – CMH Lahore:

CMH Lahore is located in Abdul Rehman Rd, Saddar Town, and Lahore. And it’s a private or general hospital. It is one of the best hospitals in Lahore. They have experienced doctors and are very kind and polite to their patients. Their Wards and entire hospital is very neat and clean.

They did their duty on time and are very punctual. Very well maintained, secured, neat & clean. The environment is very good. Easily accessible location.

4 – Hijaz Hospital Lahore:

Hijaz Hospital Lahore is a private hospital and is located in 27/D-1 Sir Syed Road Gulberg III، Block D 1 Gulberg III and Lahore. Good hospital for the patients of Kidney, especially while other areas, are also treated well. The best thing about this hospital is that it is a very good facility for the poor people as they treat them free of cost because of donation by many philanthropists who keep on donating.

While the charges for normal patients are also reasonable and one can find it good for one’s patient. Hijaz Hospital Lahore is providing 24 hours of medical service. It’s a total free hospital providing free medicines and health services to everyone, especially poor people. They handle every kind of emergency situation.

This hospital operates its daily expenditures on the donations of wealthy people. Some people use to donate on a regular bases. People come from far areas to be get treated here for free.

5 – National Hospital & Medical Center:

National Hospital & Medical Center is a general or private hospital. Located on 132/2 Street 123, Sector L Dha Phase 1, and Lahore. A very well-staffed hospital. Clean and decent environment. The nursing staff is also very helpful and trained. The rooms are spacious but expensive.

Their fees are generally expensive too. The hospital has a good pharmacy inside. It’s an affordable hospital. Professors and Associate Professors are professional and have the best skills and behaviour too.

Note: The above ranking is based on available facilities at the time of research it may be possible it will change with time.

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