Best Tiktoker in pakistan

Top 5 Best TikToker in Pakistan

TikTok is a video making and editing application which is available for both Android and iOS users. This application is own by future superpower China. Firstly this application was launch only in European countries but a few years ago it is also launched in Asian countries. Where it gets more fame than European countries.

Tiktok is the second name of this video making the app first it was introduced with a title of musically. Later on, it was changed to Tiktok. After launching this application in Pakistan many young people start their acting career on it and even become a celebrity.

In Pakistan, many young boys and girls using this app and improving there acting skills also they are earning a very good amount. It is a good platform for those who want to start an acting career because you can start your account without any investment that is a plus find of this application.

As we know that everything has its benefits and drawback in this application. There is also some drawback which is actually due to our cultural concerns.

On TikTok you will find mostly the following types of videos.

  • Social Videos
  • Funny Videos
  • Dubbing videos
  • Poetry contents
  • Dialogged Videos

There are many Pakistani on TikTok who are very famous. They have millions of follower and millions of hearts on their videos.

In this article, we have listed the top five best. TikToker according to their followers, likes on their video and their popularity among the people.

1 – Zulqarnain Sikander:

2 – Areeqa Haq:

3 – Pinky Francis:

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4 – Mujtaba Lakhani:


Above mentioned TikTokers are the best in Pakistan and they are liked by their looks, dance and their acting skills.

NOTE: You can mention your favourite TikToker if you think they are to be on our next list.

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    1. please add in your list this tikoker is also most famous tiktoker in pakistan. his tiktok id is nadeemmubarakofficial

    1. please add in your list this tikoker is also most famous tiktoker in pakistan. his tiktok id is nadeemmubarakofficial

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