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Top 5 Biggest cities of Pakistan w.r.t Area.

Pakistan is 35th Biggest country in the world having an area of 796,096Km2.

1) Abotabad:

According to area abotabad is on 1st number while we talk about area,its area is 18,013Km2.



2) Attock:

Attock is 2nd biggest city of Pakistan with an area of 6,857 Km2.


3) Sheikhupura:

Sheikhupra has an area of 5,960Km2 and have a place of number 3rd.


4) Sargodha:

Population wise Sargodha is not a big city but according to its area it has 4th place with area of 5,854Km2.


5) Swat District:

Sawat is the fifth biggest city according to its area 5,337Km2.




Note: Above figures of area are taken from latest record of google.

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