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Top 5 Brands become Product Identity

A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product. In Pakistan there are many brands that become a product identity by their good quality & customer satisfaction, many people know the product by their brand name.

Here we will list out the top 5 brands which are more famous than the product itself.

1 – Papmers

Pamper is a brand of diaper used for children. In Pakistan, there are many other brands of diaper like ABC, Drypers, sona and COOL & COOL but this brand gets huge popularity in the market of diaper that people think that Pampers is the name of this product.

2 – TCS

TCS is a courier service in Pakistan although there are many other services providers like First Flight Courier, DHL Express, Leopards and UMS which allows you to send documents, money and things inside or outside the country this service is too famous in this filed that usually, people use this term for courier services.


3 – Rooh Afzha

Rooh Afzha is a brand of sherbet. Usually, every red colour drink is considered or called as a Rooh Afzha although there are many other brands in the market but this drink has a great popularity.


4 – Sprite

Sprite is a beverage brand which is part of the Coca Cola family. It is famous for its taste & gets deceived by its green colour. People use this lemon flavour beverage as identity and even buying other brand’s lemon beverage they said they need a sprite of this brand.


5 – Nestle

Nestle is a multi-domain brand. One of the products of Nestle is “Nestle Mineral water”. Majority of people whenever want a bottle of mineral water they say that “Nestle water bottle” although there are many other brands are present in the market like Sufi, Shan, Mineral, Zam Zam & mah.



The above article is related to people’s general behaviour there are many people who know the difference between brand and product name.

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