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Top 5 Brave Army in the World

Army of a country is just like its heart. As hearts pumps no one can imagine how important it is. Also as important as the backbone. Army is that main and important part of the country. The soldiers of the army sacrifice their lives and families. Here we have mentioned the best Army Forces of the world.

1 – Pakistan Army:

Pakistan Army is the best and top-class Army in the world. Army has much more power. Pakistani Army was founded on 14 August 1947. Pakistani Army also did their job in other countries. As other countries like America and Saudi Arabia also get help from Pakistan’s Army and take them to their countries to solve their issues to their enemies. So Pakistan is the best Army ever.

The Motto of the Pakistani Army is “A follower of none but Allah, the fear of Allah, strive for Allah.”

2 – Chinese Army:

People’s Liberation Army Navy is also a very strong & powerful Army ever. They have strong soldiers and powerful weapons to secure their country. Chinese Army was founded on 23 April 1949. The Motto of the Chinese Army is “为人民服务 “Serve the People“.”

3 – Russian Army:

Russian Armed Forces are also considered as one of the top Amy in the world and It was founded on 7 May 1992.  Their total army soldiers are 3,586,128. They have strong and enthusiastic soldiers. The Motto of the Russian Army is unofficial “(Россия, вперёд, Rossiya, vperyod!), God is with us!”

4 – German Army:

German Army is one of the tops and most powerful army. It was founded in 1955. Their total strength is of 62,194. The Motto of the German Army is “Schützen, helfen, vermitteln, kämpfen; (To protect, help, moderate, and fight).

5 – Canadain Army:

Canadian Armed Forces is a unified armed force. It was founded in 4004. They have a strong and firmed army. The Motto of the Canadian Armed Forces is “Vigilamus pro te (Latin for “We stand on guard for thee”).”

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