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Top 5 Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Clothing is the main and very important part for us all. It also shows our personality and style. Everybody wants their dressing should be well and look good. Every person wants the cloths they buy is of good quality. And it also should be of a very famous brand and a fine quality brand. Most of the people normally prefer clothes of brands.

Normally the majority of people buy clothes from markets as they liked from shops for ladies, kids, and men. There is also another source for clothing is designed dresses. Here we are going to talk about brands dresses. Designed dresses are separate and brands dresses are separate. In Pakistan, there are most of the famous clothing brands.

These brands clothes are liked by everybody and in other countries also liked and buy out from them. Here we have listed out the brands who sell clothes for male, female and for children too. Some of the famous brands are mention here.

1 – Nishat linen:

Nishat linen has very good clothing linen offering for ladies. Fancy colours and design for every season. Clothing range for women. It is one of the top brands of Pakistan. Furthermore, the clothing range is from casual wear to Formalwear. Unstitched as well as stitched clothing is available here. Moreover, they also have all sizes.

A nice place and a brand name for ladies clothing everything are a well-defined and well-organized bit expensive but quality also well and good. Shoes shawl also available with stitch and unstitch suiting.


2 – Khaadi:

Khaadi a name of trust best-selling brand in Pakistan. A well-known brand with a variety of stitched and unstitched ladies variety. Kids clothing available as well. Khaadi is now more versatile with a massive range of colours, designs, and prices. One can buy a suit of low price at 1500 to high price around 10,000.

Quality managing and new designs are their keys to success. Ladies must-visit, Khaadi will never disappoint them at all. Prices are bit on a higher side but the quality is always good enough.



SAPPHIRE is a very well-known and a huge brand. They made the accessories. Like ready to wear kurtas and shirts, pants, jewellery, unstitched collection, lawn, and other embroidery dresses. You can get good quality fabric with zero after-sale Service’s.

The men’s clothing is limited but for women, the brands produce much of the stuff. It is also considered as one of the famous and largest brands. And have many branches in different areas.


4 – Adidas:

Adidas is an international high price brand store for sports wearing and sports goods. Adidas needs no introduction or any type of words that can meet their Standard. It’s simply outclassed.

Find the best quality sportswear here. They have accessories for gents, ladies and children. And considered as one of the top brands.


5 – J. Junaid Jamshed:

J. is very famous and a huge brand. They prepared clothes, perfumes and other accessories. They have good variety of Arabic perfumes and clothes are also reasonably priced. Good quality of clothes and a lot of variety of men, women and kids clothes collection. Also a good place for traditional shoes and vast variety of perfumes and deodorants.

Perfect place to hitch for a diverse range of men and kids collection significantly informal range. Spacious outlet with variance in products and efficiency in staff. Saves a handsome amount of time for quicker shopping.


Note: we are ranking these brands according to their quality and their public demand. we are neither a part of any of these company nor getting any commission if you purchase anything.

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