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Top 5 Engineering fields in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country that is why engineering field has a vital part of its development. There are many engineering universities in Pakistan which are offering different engineering discipline to their students.

Private engineering universities are more in numbers as compared to government universities. Some of private universities are providing quality education while most of them are just making money from their student. Government universities are less in number that is why their merit is very high and it is difficult to secure a seat.

If we discuss the price of education we notice that if you did engineering from a private university you have to pay approximately Rs.15 lac to Rs.20 lac while if you are a student in a government it cost around Rs.2 lac to Rs.3 lac.

There are more than 25 engineering fields but in this article, we will discuss top 5 and parent departments of engineering.

1 – Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is on number 1st according to Pakistan recent condition and its demand in economic sectors also very fewer universities are offering this discipline due to heavy machinery is required to performed lab works.

Industrial Engineering, Polymer and industrial design engineering have also come in this main filed of engineering. These are also serving industrial zones.

2 – Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is on top 2nd number. As Pakistan is a developing country that is why this field has great importance in Pakistan. They are working on road projects, construction of building projects, bridge projects and many other development projects.

If we talk about job opportunities we notice that civil is the best engineering field. Architecture engineering, transportation Engineering, city regional planning are all sub-branches of civil who have equally important.

3 – Electrical Engineering:

There was a time when Electrical Engineering was on top of the engineering profession but when every private university starts offering this course it becomes less popular in Pakistan. Nowadays every private university is offering this course under different subdomains like power, electrical and electronic.

4 – Computer Engineering:

Life is getting robotic day by day and people are getting dependent on computer that is why the field has great importance and it is expected that in a few years it will be on 1st number in the field of Engineering.

Computer Engineering, Information technology, Computer science and all computer-related fields will be on top of the list in the near future.

5 – Biochemical Engineering:

A few people know about biochemical engineering because this field is new in Pakistan. Before this discipline medical and engineering are considered as completely two different fields which are true but now in this field you will learn about both filed at the same time.

Which Engineering field is “The Best”?

The above list of top 5 engineerings filed based on the current situation of the country and their availability in private and public sector universities.

If you want to choose an Engineering field try to focus on your interest rather than any current situation in your country because completion of Engineering take four or five years so this country situation may be changed so it is better to follow your interest.

NOTE: Above ranking is belongs to the current situation of country it maybe changes with time.

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