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Makeup is an art. In this art there are normally most of the people are getting involved now. But few of them are very electrified, elite and superb in their work. Makeup is used to enhance or alter the appearance. The composition or constitution of a person can be altered by makeup. Makeup is nowadays going to be very common. In normal routine people apply makeup. But for weddings and for special events usually, females want a makeup artist. Who did a really well and a tremendous makeup? That changes their looks. Now a day’s bridals and girls are more conscious about their makeup. So they try to find the best makeup artist. And in Pakistan, there are most of the artist are here to show their skills.

Our industry is also getting high ratings just because of quality makeup. Artist totally changes the looks of actors. And that’s why our film industry is also getting popular now. Artist charges a very hefty amount to do makeup. And people are compelled to give this burly amount to artists. Makeup now becomes a part of daily routine life. Brides also prefer a master beautician. Not only brides but now grooms also wants a makeup artist. So you can imagine up to what extent makeup is going compulsory. Everybody wants decent and natural looks. Here we have mentioned some top and famous makeup artists in Pakistan.

1 – Kashif Aslam:

Kashif Aslam is a top mal beautician in Pakistan. His parlour is named as Kashee’s Beauty Parlor. Its main parlour is in Karachi. And have different branches too. But he did makeup so well that people prefer kashee’s makeup from the entire country. Also, other countries like India also want their get done their makeup by Kashif. Indian actresses also did their haircuts and makeup by Kashif. Not only makeup he also did hair styling, and other treatments. It’s an awesome place to have experts and professionals who makeover and just change the way you look.

All kind of beauty tips and techniques they have they can just transform you from normal to gorgeous. There is wonderful and seasoned trained staff under the management of Kashif. Best to visit worthy the interior decorating is awesome and the staff is too professional and Cooperative. Kashee’s Beauty Salon charges a hefty amount for makeup and other treatments. To contact or what’s app number is 03000688456, 03009667319.

2 – Wajid Khan:

Wajid Khan is also a very well-known male makeup artist in Pakistan. His salon named as Wajid Khan Salon. And it is situated in Karachi. And have different branches in different areas. He is one of the most skilled and expert beauticians. From the entire country, people get done their makeup from Wajid Khan Salon. He also charges a massive amount to do makeup. The salons are small but clean, well-lighted, the changing room is also great (mirror, couch and light). The types of equipment used here are also great. It is clean and well maintained. Their staff is super helpful. He is considered as the best makeup artist for Asian skin. For Appointments and Details call or WhatsApp number: 021-35240506, 021-34321888, 021-34835822.

3 – Akif Ilyas:

Akif Ilyas Beauty Salon is also a very well-known salon. It is located in Karachi. They have highly recommended amazing staff. They had many services and got the best results. He is also a very skilled and artful artist. And charges a very massive amount for treatments and makeup. Also done hair styling and hair extensions also available. To WhatsApp or call 0321-8259338.

4 – Mariam Khawaja:

Mariam Khawaja is an experienced and efficient beautician. And the salon is named as Mariam Khawaja Salon. And parlour is situated in Lahore. They had great ambience overloaded hospitality. The makeup done by them is so good and changes yourself into a very unique and pretty one. Although they have high prices for their treatments. To contact call (042) 35756639.

5 – Madeeha Bridal Salon & Studio:

Madeeha is also a professional and proficient makeup female artist. Her salon is in Lahore. And have different branches in different areas. This salon has a very good environment and offers professional services. Most of the brides prefer Madeeha’s makeup because she had magic in her hands. And changes the entire look to gorgeous. For appointments call (042) 35353546.

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