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Top 5 Mobile Brands in Pakistan

Whenever people want to buy a cell phone they try to get the best one. Such type of phone which have all the features and wants to buy in their available amount. As a person buy a cell phone and uses it for a long time. So they wish to get a much better one of a famous mobile brand. So keeping this point in view, here we have mentioned some famous mobile phone brands.

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1 – Huawei:

Huawei is considered as one of the top mobile brands. It was founded on 15 September 1987, Shenzhen, China Huawei Technologies is now getting much popularity day by day. Their technology, their applications of cell phones are better now than the iPhone. Features of cell phones are awesome. Their Operating System (OS) is more efficient than the iPhone. Few years before, iPhone considers as the top model of smartphones. But, recently Huawei has maintained their level.

Huawei has prepared its own Operating System. Which is more reliable then iPhone’s OS. And have more features than those of version series of iPhone. And Huawei has earned a very massive and hefty amount from the past two to three years. Just because of the quality of their brands.

In every cell phone of Huawei, there are much more reliable features. And through a survey, it is informed that the cell phone Huawei Y9 when it was launched. It earns 75 million in two hours. So now, there is a demand for Huawei cell phones rather than other ones. And they are available for every person, who can purchase a cell phone according to their package of the amount. Their structure of designing the phone is good. Quality of cameras and memory is also good.

2 – iPhone-Apple:

iPhone is an international brand. iPhone has its own quality level. iPhone has a series of a cell phone. iPhone remains as a number one smartphone brand for a long time. But now it is on the second number in mobile phones brands. Because it has the mobiles in series sequence and their series gets old as a new version launched. And a new one has more features than previous.

People want to get a new one that’s why this automatically reduces the value of another one. Also, they charge a hefty amount for a cell. It is also most famous because of its signature of apple. Have a unique design and a good quality camera.

3 – Samsung:

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate. It is also a very famous and well-known brand. Their technologies, cell phones are also used by a very large amount of people. Their cell phones are available for every range. All people can buy this according to their ranges. They have widely used cell phones. Used for a long time period.

4 – OPPO:

OPPO is a well-known smartphone brand. Their design of cell phones is pretty awesome. And it is more likely famous because of its camera. It is also available in every range for users. Because of its application, it is also known by a very massive amount of users.

5 – Q Mobile:

QMobile is electronics consumed by a Karachi-based company which merchandise smartphones in Pakistan. It is also a very well-known cell phone. QMobile also launched mobile series. Their phones are not widely used but their quality is good. Their cameras and design of mobile phones are decent and nice. And this is also available for all ranges. Have simple phones and smartphones too.

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