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Top 5 Online Taxi Services in Pakistan

Online Taxi services directly depend on the technology used in the county if more people are using a technical gadget like smartphone, tablets and computer then greater will be such type of activities will occur. As people are getting aware of the benefits of online taxi services they are going from manual to online taxi service very rapidly.

Following are the benefits of online taxi services:

  • Secure
  • Time-saving
  • Cheaper than manual or local Cab services

If we discuss Pakistan we observed that many people are getting benefits from online taxi service whether they are a taxi driver or a customer.

Online Taxi Customer:

Those who are using as a customer they can easily plan their rides even in advance they can or get special monthly packages. Now it becomes secure for women because their ride can be easily monitored in homes by their guardians.

Online Taxi Drivers:

Drivers are also getting benefits of these services because they can work according to their plan they are not bound to any physical boss. Some people are driving for online taxi services as part-time and they get a bonus by completing daily or weekly targets. It is observed that people are earning around Rs. 100,000 per month by driving full time while Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 in a part-time.

In Pakistan, there are many online Taxi services that are facilitating people but in this article, we have listed only the top 5 the best online taxi services:

1 – Careem:

In Pakistan, Careem is the most used online taxi service that people are using. Careem is proving exciting monthly package with respect to distance also, they are providing online wallet facility with is the plus point of this service.

To Download Visit: Play Store

2 – Uber:

Uber is on number 1st in the world while in Pakistan it is in 2nd place. They are also providing different saving packages like 25% or 50% off which attract many customers. Recently Uber buy Careem in 3Billion dollar.

To Download Visit: Play Store

3 – Obr Taxi:

This is also an online taxi service which are providing its services in Pakistan they have copied the sound of Uber to look like. To book a ride you can download their app from play store:

To Download Visit: Play Store

4 – Daewoo Cab:

Daewoo group is started its online taxi services to facilitates their customers they have already have a big network of buses in Pakistan. To book a ride you can download its app from the play store.

To Download Visit: Play Store

5 – Shahi Sawari:

This is an auto service first they had started in Lahore but with time they are increasing their network. You can book it by downloading their app from the play store.

To Download Visit: Play Store

Note: We are not getting any benefit if you download any of above application.

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