Top 5 Pakistani Bloggers & Their Blogs

Pakistan is a developing country and people are not very educated as compare to developed countries but Pakistanis have a great talent and whenever they get even a small opportunity they prove their abilities.

In the field of blogging, there are many Pakistani who are making Pakistan proud not only in Pakistan but also outside the country a few of them earning, even more, than in six digits and nowadays blogging is not just a hobby it becomes a complete profession.

Here we will list top 5 Pakistani bloggers who have a great place in this filed.

1- Syed Balkhi From Wpbeginner

Syed Balkhi was born in October 1990 he is on number 1 bloggers of Pakistan he is Self-made millionaire by 21 also recognized and Honored by the United Nations he is a founder of many other websites like Founder of WPBeginner, List25, OptinMonster, SoliloquyWP, EnviraGallery, etc.

2- Ammar Ali From AllbloggingTips

This young boy is founder of AllbloggingTips. He was born in 1995 he had a master degree in Information Technology he is very passionate about blogging.

3- Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai From Mybloggertricks

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai is founder of he starts blogging in 2008 he is the first Pakistani registered professional blogger.

4- Abdul Wali From Onlineustaad

Abdul wali is the founder of he was born in 1988 he has a great collection for newbies.

5- Syed Faizan Ali From Mybloggerlab

Syed Faizan Ali is the founder of this young blood starts blogging from 2008.

Above ranking is just according to our knowledge it may be possible that there are some other people who have more abilities than these ones & we have missed those bloggers due to our limited knowledge.

If you know such type of bloggers kindly mention in the comment box for future rankings.

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