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Top 5 Reality Shows of Pakistan

A reality show is that in which ordinary people have to show their behaviour and their talent and skills. And through this the show becomes entertaining. Everything is unscripted people are the real celebrities who have to show their talent. Here we have mentioned some famous reality shows of Pakistan.

1 – Jeeto Pakistan:

Jeeto Pakistan is a reality show which is going to be very famous among the public or nation in a very short interval of time. This show is presented by Fahad Mustafa. And it was started 2014 May 18. It airs on ARY Digital. Directed by Khuram Fareed. In this show there are millions of prizes and gifts are distributed to the audience. Different games are played and the players are the audience and show host Fahad Mustafa guides them what to do. To this show, there are huge sponsors are available to them. People win or get households, tickets for other countries, cars and gold. This show is in the first number in ratings.

How to get passes or register for Jeeto Pakistan?

To get passes type JPR (space) Your Name and send it to 8038. Or call at 021-111-000-162.

2 – Pakistan Star:

Pakistan Talent is an entertaining show. Which broadcasts on BOL Entertainment. It’s a show where people are given a chance to show their skills in that area in which they are interested. In talent, people show singing, acting, comedy and sitcoms. The judges are Javed Sheikh, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Kubra Khan. And the host is Veena Malik. It is a new show started in 2019. And through short duration, the show is getting popular. So this is on the second number in the ratings.

3 – Pepsi Battle of the Bands:

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is a singing show. In which bands have to show their performances. It was first started in July 2002. First airs on PTV Home. This show is in the form of seasons. Now it owners” in different channels. Judges and hosts are changing according to seasons. This show is like 96% of the google users. So this is on the third number in the ratings.

4 – Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga:

This show is also a project of BOL Entertainment. It was first presented by Amir Liaquat then Nabeel Zafar and now Danish Taimoor is the presenter of this show. This show is similar to Jeeto Pakistan but to some extent, it is not popular as Jeeto Pakistan. In this show gifts, cars and gold are also won by people by playing games.

5 – Supreme Gharana:

Supreme Gharana is a prize distributing show of Geo TV. It is presented by Jan Rambo and Sahiba. Sponsors are the real support of this reality shows. Here the audience also plays games and contests and win prizes. It is mainly sponsored by Supreme tea. By the present ranking in Pakistani reality shows, it is on the fifth number.

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