Top 5 Religions in the World

Top 5 Religions in the World

Religion is a particular factor of all of us life. System of particular faith and worship is also known as Religion. Religion is based on self-enlightenment. And also adopted by the generation as they see their elders or family.

In this world there is not only one religion. It has many religion and people adopt them according to their mind abilities and their preaching level. Here we are going to mention the largest religions in the world.

These religions are growing very fast and people leaving their old religion and now attracting towards this religions.

1- Islam

Islam is the largest and very well-known religion ever in the world. In Islam there is only one Allah who is the owner of everything in the world. Islam is that religion towards which all the people attracts just because of its qualities and because of beautiful “Deen”.

The first Prophet of Allah who come to the world was Hazrat Adam (A.S) and the last prophet of Allah are Hazart Muhammad (PBUH). From start Islam is spreading and growing day bay day. Islam is not a man-made religion. Islam is never be offensive but it is protective. Islam is peace. Quran is the Holy book of Muslims.


2- Christianity

Christianity is also a very fast growing religion in the world. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Christian worship the Book Bible.

Christians worship the triune God, The Father, The sun, and The Holy Spirit not Bible. Bible is to keep them on the source of all answer for life miseries.


3- Hinduism

Hinduism is a religion in which the hindus worship God of stones, trees, plants, and sun and etc. they are also found in a very large amount. Their holy book is …. . This religion is also a large one religion in the world.


4- Buddhism

Buddhism is the religion with 520 million followers and is a 4th largest religion ever. And 7% population worship the Buddhism. This religion is as similar as Hinduism. Ans it is immensely growing as the preaching of Zen Buddhism and from decades by the followers.


5- Korean Shamanism

 Korean Shamanism is a religion which is also known as Sʰinism or Sinism or Sʰindo. This religion also have the many types of God like Hinduism. The most important act in this religion is the purification of body and mind. And it’s a 5th large religion in the world.

Korean Shamanism
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