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Top 5 Turkish Drama Serials

Turkish is 2nd largest exporter of TV serials while US is still on number 1st, According to statics more than 550 million people are watching Turkish drama serial in more than 140 countries including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arab, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bulgaria, Russia, Syria, Georgia, Tajikistan, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Turkmenistan and Greece in respective their local languages.

In the start price per hour drama serial was $600 to $700 but now people are ready to pay even in six digit to get copy rights of one hour drama serial. There are many investor in Dubai who are investing in Turkish drama industry & making unbelievable profit.

According to the statics, after selling TV serial to foreign countries there is come a boost in the demand of Turkish food, Turkish Dress & love to visit Turkey.

Turkish drama industry play a vital role in Turkish economy by strengthening its tourism and all related industries more than 30% tourism is increases just they start selling their drama serial, reason behind is abrupt increase is that people watching their drama serial and then plan to visit drama shooting location and want to meet the cast of the drama.

Following are the list of top 5 Turkish Drama series.

1 – Kadin (Woman):

In this drama,loving mother named Bahar, who struggles to maintain a life with her two children, must deal with life’s challenges and uncover the hidden truths of the past.

2 – Bizim Hikayminz (Our Story):

This is the story of a girl who is responsible to look after her siblings and a drunk father who never care for his children.

3 – Yasak Elma (Forbidden apple):

According to our research, this drama serial is on number 3rd it is the story of two sisters who live in Istanbul and very different from each other.

4 – Kizim (My Daughter):

Kizim in English “My Daughter” is on number 4th this story work around eight years old beautiful, exceptional little girl.

5 – Bir Litre Gözyasi (One Liter tears):

This serial is on number 5th according to the our research.

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