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Top 5 Turkish TV Series in 2020

Turkey is the 2nd largest exporter of TV dramas. According to studies around 1 billion people are watching Turkish drama serials in more than 160 countries including Iran, Dubai, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Russia, Nepal, Syria, Tajikistan, Slovakia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Qatar, Andorra, Saudi Arab, Turkmenistan and Greece in respective their native languages.

When turkey had started selling their drama serials their per hour price was $600 to $700 but now it becomes in five digits. Now it becomes a proper industry and people are investing in it and making millions dollars profit.

Drama industry gives a boost to their cultural values and increases the demand for Turkish food, Turkish Dress & love to visit Turkey.

Their drama industry increases its economy by pushing tourism and all other connected industries. Now, people want to visit turkey and spend their time on the same places which they watch in their dramas serials.

Following are the list of top 5 Turkish Drama series

1 – Diriliş Ertuğrul:

According to our ranking, this drama series is on top of our list. This drama is a little bit old but day by day it is getting more fame. This is based on the history of the ottoman empire.

2 – Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird):

Erkenci kus is a funny and romantic drama serial. Its story of a middle-class girl and a rich and handsome man. this drama was 2 years old but as people are translating it in their native languages it becoming more and more popular.

3 – Bizim hikayminz (Our Story):

This drama is the story of a poor girl who looks after her siblings. His father was a careless person who never cares for them. This drama was started in 2017 now it has two seasons.

4 – Kadin (Woman):

This drama is about a woman who struggles to maintain a life with her two children and try to deal with life’s challenges and hidden truths of the past.

5 – Kizim (My Daughter):

This drama is on 5th number in our list it is about eight years old beautiful, exceptional little girl.

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