Turkish Companies working in Pakistan

Turkish Companies working in Pakistan

Pakistan and Turkey are brother countries, Pakistan were stand with turkey in their hard times that’s why Turkey have a separate and special brotherhood for Pakistani people. That is the reason people of both countries are loving each others.

When we talk about business relationship then very few people know that many big group of Turkey are working in Pakistan and they have invested quite good amount here. According to the current Government statement approximately 1.1 Billion Dollar had invested in Pakistan.

Main group or companies that are working in Pakistan belongs to construction, Dairy products, Textile, Hygiene Products, waste management and many others following is the main participant in the list.

  • Albayrak
    • Business Type: Solid Waste Management
    • Website: www.Albayrak.com.pk
  • Hayat Kimya
    • Business Type: Hygiene Products
    • Website: www.hayat.com
  • Zorlu Energy
    • Business Type: Energy Sector
    • Website: www.zorlu.com.pk
  • OzPak
    • Business Type: Solid Waste Management
    • Website: www.ozpak.com.pk
  • Arçelik
    • Business Type: Electronics
    • Website: www.arcelikglobal.com
  • Siyah Kalem
    • Business Type: Construction
    • Website: www.siyahkalem.com
  • Sütaş
    • Business Type: Dairy Products
    • Website: www.sutas.com.tr
  • IRC
    • Business Type: Dairy Products
    • Website: www.interloopholdings.com/irc-dairy
  • Coca Cola
    • Business Type: Beverages
    • Website: www.coca-cola.pk

Above mentioned companies are working on a large scale there are hundreds of small companies which are working in tourism, education, and health sectors.

Opportunities in Turkish Companies:

There are lots of opportunities in Turkish firms many Pakistani are working in these companies also they are regularly hiring people as per their need. Moreover, recently current government had paid a visit to Turkey and meet with the representative of these companies and talk about more investment.

Turkish Investment in Pakistan:

According to latest states shared by current Pakistani government, 1.1 billion Dollar is invested which is expected to rise up to 5 times i.e. 5 billion dollars in near future which will surely creates more opportunities for both countries.

Many firms are working in Pakistan but we still need to facilitate so they come and invest in Pakistan more easily. This ease of business will bring more investment and will provide opportunities.

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